Million Miles

We found an Elantra owner who was about to make it 1 million miles in just 5 years. That’s about 200,000 miles a year driving. The question became how do we celebrate this unprecedented achievement? Hyundai wanted to show its appreciation for owners and the reliability of its vehicles. So we created a million mile emblem as an official Hyundai part awarded to million mile drivers. Then we traveled to record the big moment and install it. Finally, we surprised the owner with a brand new Elantra in a follow up video. It became Hyundai’s most watched organic video series ever. Results

1.9 million views, including over 600k combined organic views
9.8 million impressions
179k engagements
Above average video completion rate of 71%.
In response to our video, hundreds of owners started sharing their own Hyundai quality stories on social.



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